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Jerrybox LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, Batteries or USB Charging, Natural LED, 180°Rotation, Adjustable, Dimmable, Foldable, Back Stand, White

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  • BACK STAND DESIGN: 180° rotation of the stand allows you to position the mirror at your preferable angle
  • NATURAL LEDILLUMINATION: LEDs deliver a bright and clear reflection; lets you visualize your face clearly
  • USER-FRIENDLY TOUCH SWITCH: Just press the circle on the front of the mirror to turn on the light; press and hold to increase the brightness level; LED light will automatically turn off after 15 minutes
  • DOUBLE POWER SUPPLY: Powered by a USB charging cable (included) or 4AA batteries (not included); battery power won’t be consumed if the mirror is in the USB charging mode
  • EASY TO CARRY: Compact and portable trifold design for easy carrying; simply fold the two side mirrors and stand for convenient storage; great travel companion for a quick makeup touch-up on-the-go

This Jerrybox LED lighted mirror is the ideal, at-home cosmetic makeup mirror and the perfect solution for your beauty needs! The adjustable LED illumination and 180° viewing angles make this mirror a premier beauty product!

Back Stand Design
The Jerrybox mirror features a 180° rotation design to give you a perfect panoramic view of your face. Even more, you can adjust the side mirrors to any preferable viewing angle. Pluck your brows, tweeze, put on or adjust contacts, or touch up your lipstick anytime!

Natural LED
This mirror adapts to different ambient lighting conditions from daytime to evening light andto various environments including the home or office. The built-in LEDs illuminate with a bright and clear reflection, allowing you to visualize your face clearly. Hold your finger on the front circle to dim or brighten the light.

Simple & Elegant Design
This mirror boasts a simple yet elegant look in an attractive white finish to perfectly match any home decor. With an adjustable stand, you can steadily place this mirror on your countertop at different angles. Simply fold the two side mirrorsand stand for easy storage.

Perfect Holiday Gift
This beautifully packaged mirror makes a perfect gift for women and girls on Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day,Mother's Day, birthdays and more.

Package Contents
1 x LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x User Manual

Additional Information

Product Dimensions : 9.5 x 7 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight : 1.2 pounds

UPC: 647904033064 


Reviews (106)

As we only have one bathroom, sometimes my daughter and I have to take turns getting ourselves ready in the mornings.I bought my daughter a lighted makeup mirror to keep in her room, but I was stuck borrowing her mirror when I needed to get ready in my room. I purchased this Trifold LED Makeup Mirror from Jerrybox to keep in my room.

I love the adjustable mirror. I can move the side mirrors easily to see the back of my hair or to adjust the light. It also comes with a smaller magnified mirror that fits on the larger lighted mirror with the aid of suction cups. I love that feature when I'm tweezing my eyebrows. The mirror runs on either four AA batteries, or you can power it via a USB charging cord. The light is also adjustable. All you do is touch the power button to adjust the brightness.

I am pleased with this makeup mirror, and I would highly recommend it for all your beauty needs.
 Beautiful thing to have on your dresser of your make up table, you can also hang iron the wall, very bright and clear light to make your face bright enough for better make up. Got it for my mother in law and she's super happy!
This mirror was everything i wanted to to be, the quality is good and provided the option of either plugging it with a USB cord in or using batteries. The quality is very good and it magnifies a good amount and has different light settings perfect for plucking and makeup without being a strain on the eye. i also like that its adjustable
This Tri-fold Led Lighted Makeup Mirror is a great product. It as a 180 degree rotation axle. It can be powered by 4 AA Batteries or a standard android charger. It also comes with a 5x Magnification Mirror that has a suction cup which can be attached to the Tri-fold mirror. The led lights give great light to my face. This mirror has a power on button attached to the center mirror which is touch screen. There is also a storage tray on the base of the stand. This mirror was easy to setup and get started.. I Love It!
Yup, it only took two mirrors to find a good one. It was major trial and error. The first mirror, different from this one, just stopped working and was too small. The second one kept falling the way it was held up by a very unsteady stand in the back. I loved the settings and size on that one though. It was a superb mirror but with a horrible stand. This one has all the right things with extra storage space and a stand that wont quit, you can angle it all the ways and the light is plenty bright, which you can also dim. I just wish it had different light settings like the other one. It will do for now, as i do love the size of this and the two extra panels for hard to see spots. I love that it closes shut to keep it away from dust and spots. I am pleased it is not a lemon.
Oh ive been looking for mirror like this for a long time and when i found this i thought it was very nice! And when I got it its not just very nice but perfect! It has a good quality and an adjustable 5x magnifier mirror . You can tilt it the way you wanted and the lighting is awesome! Felt like im in a salon. Lol. It is battery operated or you can use the cable..*if you can see at the picture it has a black cable, well i actually lost the cable with it and just used a normal phone charger.
I really like this mirror. The sides of the middle mirror light up and you can press and hold to adjust the brightness. The mirror is lightweight and can be easily folded for storage. This really makes a difference when applying your makeup.
This mirror is cute and sophisticated. A great addition to my vanity and makes applying makeup a breeze. It a good size and being tripod is really provides good coverage. I like how it magnifies too and is helpful for applying eye makeup. So impressed with the quality of this mirror!
 This mirror is amazing ! I love the level of brightness of it ! This is battery operated and electric. I love how u can rotate it! It's also comes with the small magnification mirror and USB chord. Very easy to use ! Very helpful in doing our makeup!
Im super inlove of my another LED make up mirror.I love how the mirror turning 180 degree adjustable.The quality is great.The mirror need a 4 pcs AAA battery or you can use the USB cord.The small 5x that you can attach of the mirror is really help while I'm doing my make up.I would Definitely recommend this mirror to my friends