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Lavany Blackhead Suction Remover, Vacuum Pore Cleanser, 6 Microdermabrasion Diamond Heads, Electric Skin Cleaner, Vacuum Extraction Tool, 3 Suction Speeds and 1 Massage Mode

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EFFECTIVE & SAFE: Traditional blackhead removal methods cannot 100% eradicate blackheads and may cause skin lesions; Lavany helps you achieve zero-pore skin without risky treatment

POWERFUL MOTOR: Vibration mode effectively removes blackheads by replicating techniques used by professional massage therapists to lift skin and reduce pores; 3 intensity levels with a strongest suction of 59 kPa

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Sleek design made from skin-friendly materials for a comfortable touch; LED light indicates the power status; waterproof cover protects the charging port from getting wet

ZERO-PORE SKIN: The translucent design shows the blackheads and oils; 3 skin-friendly suction heads are used to cleanse your face; 3 microcrystalline suction heads can be used to smooth the face or remove dead skin cells from other body parts

TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: Built-in battery so you won’t run out of power when you need it most; operating time of 80 min after fully charged; compact body of 20 cm (7.9 in); great for home and travel use

The New 2017 Version
Lavany Blackhead Remover boasts a unique vibration modewhich can decrease the appearance of large pores by 20%. You’ll be sure to find the treatment for you with 3 translucent heads and 3 microcrystalline heads. With the built-in rechargeable battery you won’t lose power when you need it most.

The Secret of Clear Skin
The device combines physical absorption and acoustic waves to remove stubborn blackheads without irritation. While other products resort to the tear-up method that leads to large pores and loose skin, Lavany have discovered a way to treat skin without risky treatment.

6 Skin-Friendly Suction Heads Solve 6 Skin Problems
Large round hole: Sucks up stubborn blackheads
Small round hole: Cleanses acne, oils, and blackheads around the nose
Oval hole: Increases skin elasticity by lifting skin
Standard microcrystalline hole: Smoothes blemishes, scars and fine lines on face
Large microcrystalline hole: Exfoliates dead skin cells from knees and elbows
Small microcrystalline hole: Reduces wrinkles from around the eyes and nose

Before use
1. Apply a hot towel or use a blackhead derived lotion to open pores on your face.
2. When massaging and pulling the skin, adopt a low intensity level. Let the suction head contact with skin intermittently and don’t keep it on one area of the face for a long time.
3. For sensitive skin, you should test the device on arms before use and never use a microcrystalline hole to remove dead skin cells.

After use
To tighten pores on your face use a toner, essence, mask or apply a cold towel. Do not use any additional blackhead removal products.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Reviews (10)

I was very impressed with this blackhead remover. Ive tried so many other products for removing blackheads and nothing compares to this. This comes with 6 different suction heads, all different shapes & sizes. A standard microcrystalline hole that smoothes blemishes, scars and fine lines. A large microcrystalline hole that removes dead skin cells from places like knees, elbows. A small microcrystalline hole that reduces wrinkles from around the eyes, nose and hard to reach areas. A large round hole that sucks up the larger blackheads. A small round hole that is good for sensitive skin. And last an oval hole that increases skin elasticity by lifting and firming the skin.
It is chargeable and holds a long charge. It is very easy to use and has 3 levels of speed and you can always put it on vibrate mode or not.
You definitely want to scrub your face real good and open up your pores by soaking your face with a hot towel. If you dont it will leave red marks on your face looking like hickies.
It is very easy to use and to get the hang of, was definitely worth it.
I love that the tips are heavy and sturdy. It gives a nice face massage and even helps remove sebum. You get better results after opening your pores first
This Blackhead Suction Remover is Great.It works pretty well in my face.I do love the deferent Microdermabrasion Diamond Head.Every head of the suction remover have a purpose.Becouse I have many blackheads and white heads in my face this is problem solving for me.The quality is nice.It has 3 deferent volume the strongest is better.I do love it.
Beautiful Blackhead Really Removes Massaging Microdermabrasion Vacuum Remover
I don't have an issue with acne or blackheads but do have some hyperpigmentation & aging skin.
I've done microdermabrasion with a professional before but it can be pricy & was looking for something to do at home.
When you do microdermabrasion it really helps to help your blemishes & wrinkles without doing something more intensive.
Chemical peels are harsher & you need to avoid sun after doing one which is hard to do in summer.
What I really love is that this has 6 different microdermabrasion heads (some have less), it has a massage mode (which others may not have) with 3 speeds & it is powerful so you can use it up to 80 minutes. It also has LED power low indicator (some others don't have) with a built in battery & USB cable that is included.
It comes with extra O rings & replacement screens plus black velvet bag to keep it in & travel with.
I do not have issues with any of the attachments but I would suggest to start out with the small round hole one 1st as that is for sensitive skin & can also use the small microcrystalline hole. Then you can try the others if your skin does well.
I really like that this one has the oval hole which helps lift & firm skin as that goes beyond helping blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles, as well as helping blackheads & acne.
I like the blue color as that's my favorite color & it's a great price for all the features plus what you get with it.
The user manual is easy to understand & makes sense to read with illustrations. It is small print though so some may have issues reading.
I am so excited I have this!! I've been wanting on of these blackhead removers for a long time and finally decided to get one. This is great! It comes with a USB since its rechargeable (so useful!) and 5 different heads to maximize your use. The different heads are able to reach different places and even doubles as a skin elasticity builder. The blue is absolutely stunning and this also features different modes of auction/vibration. I've finally been able to get most of my stubborn blackheads out with this thing. I am beyond amazed with this tool. Highly highly highly recommend this!!!
I have a bunch of tiny blackheads around my nose and have used many things to keep them at bay. This is actually pretty neat and does help but you do need to exfoliate prior to using it. Blackheads tend to get a thin skin over them and they're glued to the pore. I bought a system off here that makes a huge difference and got this for anything left over. I did try it without exfoliating first and it removed some dead skin but no blackheads. So get a scrub and use that first, then follow up with this. You have to go slow but can't stay in one spot or it'll look like you have a hickey. My nose and chin were a little red but it went away very quickly. If you have very thin frail skin, this probably isn't for you unless you want red hickey lines (which will take a few days to go away).

It includes several attachments of different sizes and they easily pop off to change. It's boxed beautifully however there were no instructions included except what each head is for printed in the box. There's even a little storage bag included but for now I think it's nice looking in the box and easily stored on or under your sink.

I did have an issue with my charging cord I'm guessing it's a hair loose so you may see it come on and off if you're holding it but as soon as you set it down to charge you should see a red light glowing. When it's done it glows green. To turn it on you push and hold the power button and to adjust the suction you push it again. There's a button above it to make it vibrate as well. Once it's on it glows white and there are lights above the power button that glow blue to show what strength suction it's on. It's very visually appealing as well. Also includes the charging cord, extra O-rings and several new replacement screens.
 I am very impressed on this vacuum blackhead remover. I didn't expect that this will work really great, I am so happy because this product is true.
It has 6 different suction heads and they are definitely washable. This is also chargeable. It sucks all the blackheads. I made a review video, I hope that helps. It literally remove all the blackheads on our nose! In the end, it sucked A LOT, and didn't expect that we have that much blackheads! It doesn't hurt at all, it actually feels like I was having nose massage. It very easy to use. It has 3 levels of speed, and you can always put it on vibrate mode or not. I am a very satisfied customer so I am rating this perfect stars! And I definitely RECOMMEND THIS!
 I really love this device and it is so much more than just a blackhead remover. I have issues with oily skin and am prone to blackheads. When I try to squeeze them with my fingernails, it leaves marks on my face and sometimes it gets infected. I thought I would try this gadget out.

It is rechargeable and I simply put it on the charger overnight and I have been using it several days and it still hasn't lost it's charge. It comes with a usb cord for charging. The opening is covered with a flap when not charging to keep it water-proof.

It comes with 6 professional suction heads. 1.Standard microcrystalline hole: Smoothes blemishes, scars and fine lines on your face. 2. Large microcrystalline hole: Removes dead skin cells from knees and elbows and other body parts. 3. Small microcrystalline hole: Reduces wrinkles from around the eyes and nose and gets those hard to reach black heads in the corners. 4. Large round hole: Sucks up the larger blackheads. 5. Small round hole: Good for removing blackheads on fragile or sensitive skin. 6.Oval hole: Increases skin elasticity by lifting and firming the skin.

You also get 3 intensity levels for suction and a vibration option.

Before I use this device, I steam my face with a warm washcloth to loosen up the blackheads. When using the it, I move it along and I don't stay in one spot for too long. Afterwards, I apply a cold towel and a toner to close the pores back up. My skin looks noticeably clearer and brighter. I've received complements already on how healthy my facial skin is looking. I literally feel my pores being cleaner in addition to seeing it.

I'm quite pleased with this device. I have clearer skin and am on the way to tightening my facial skin to reduce wrinkles.
 Wow! I was dubious about this product. I have always had a strawberry nose, meaning every pore is plugged with a blackhead. Last night, I ran this sucker over my entire nose with a small tip. I didn't think it did anything. Today, I looked at my nose, and the backheads are gone, Wow! I guess this sucker works!

The packaging of this device is really nice. The case is magnetically sealed and gives you a permanent place to store your Lavany Blackhead Vacuum. The inside of the lid has a description of all six of the enclosed heads, which is a good thing, as the instruction sheet is printed in the tiny "we-will-save-paper!" font which cannot be read by anyone over 40.

The vacuum also comes with a nice travel pouch, so you take your vacuum with you on vacation.
it came on just today..yay!!!!the package i received is complete as what is written...i am so excited that i tried it on my husband when it came in and i am so happy with the result..it really get those hard to get white and black heads.the product is so overwhelming and it is so satisfying on how it works..no need to go for derma clinic to get a smooth and soft skin.i love this product a lot!!!! thank u to the seller for this wonderful product