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Lavany Facial Steamer Nano Ionic Hot & Cool Mist Moisturizing Face Steamer Sprayer with Aromatherapy Basket,180ML Water Tank

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A NEW ERA OF FACIAL STEAMING: Combines multiple functions in one device; use the nanoionic steamer with adjustable nozzle for cold/hot steaming andessential oil steaming; attractively packaged to make a great gift for girlfriends, wives, mothers and other loved ones
SAY GOODBYE TO TRADITIONAL FACIAL STEAMING: Add fruits, essential oils, dried flowers or hydrolats for an even richer experience; multiple naturalsteaming therapies cater for a wide range ofskin types
COLD & HOT STEAMING TO HYDRATE SKIN: With a 10 mm diameter nozzle, it provides broad coverage and consistent steam; 70-minute cold steaming calms skin that is sensitive, sunburned or has acne; 20-minute hot steaming hydrates and cleanses skin, especially during dry seasons of autumn and winter
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Dustproof nozzle cap ensures a hygienic experience; 20° adjustable nozzle allows you to enjoy different sitting positions and angles; 180 ml large reservoir means you can enjoy a longer steam; use with trust as the steamer automatically shuts off when there is no water
NANO FACIAL STEAMER: Not all steamers on the market are able to distribute nano ionic steam like Lavany Nano Ionic Facial Steamer; the ultra-fine nanoionic steam effectively penetrates deep into the skin, providing a better hydrating effect and leaving the skin smooth, supple and hydrated

Lavany Nano Ionic Facial Steamer, Designed to Give You Hydrated Skinand a Glowing Complexion

Suitable for Different Skin Types
The gentle mist is distributed by the steamer to open pores and allow the skin to open like a sponge to absorb the moisture. It works with many different skin types so it can be used by all families.

Hot Steaming for Deep Cleanse
The hot mist is great for deeply cleansing skin, removing impurities, enhancing absorption, clearing pores, treating acne and oil control. It can be used 2-3 times a week and 6-10 minutes at a time.

Firm Skin with Cold Steaming
The cold mist works to shrink pores, firm the skin, relieve the sunburn, soothe tired or dry eyes and lock in nutrition and moisture. It can be applied every day and used for 15-20 minutes each time. For optimum effect, alternate between using the hot and cold steaming.

Environment-Friendly Material
We use premium eco-friendly material thatwill not break down harmful substances even at a high temperature. Relax and enjoy the transparent, colorless and pure steam distributed by Lavany Nano Ionic Facial Steamer.

Warm Tips
Clean the face and remove any makeup before steaming. Use purified or still water and keep the nozzle 25 cm/9.8 in from your face.

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