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Travel Pillow of 2017, Jerrybox 10s World Fastest Inflatable Pillow with 2 Airbag for Neck Supporting, Bone-Shaped

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  • DUAL AIRBAG INFLATES QUICKLY: The first inflatable pillow with dual airbag; press the 2 discreet, round buttons to inflate in just 10seconds (the fastest speed) to 50 second(the slowest speed); inflates 3 times faster than a single airbag pillow; no hassle or embarrassment of blowing it up by mouth; easy and convenient to use anywhere, anytime
  • CONTOURED SUPPORT: Raised mounds support the back of your head and neck, enhancing the health of your cervical vertebrae; inverse the pillow to wear with the 2 supportive buttons behind; ergonomically designed to fit comfortably when worn in various ways
  • SOFT VELVET FABRIC: Soft micro-velvet fabric cover; premium quality and very light weight; removable and washable for easy maintenance
  • INNOVATIVE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Contoured U-shape pillow with extended arms fully encircles your neck for optimal relief of pain and fatigue; flat rear silhouette is specially designed to conform to your neck for premium comfort; innovative features help you sleep well and arrive rested
  • TRAVEL NECESSITY: Weighs only 320 g and folds to fit in your palm; lightweight and compact; a perfect addition for traveling, business trips, long flights, daily commutes, office naps and more

The First Dual Airbag Travel Pillow
We are proud to announce that our travel pillow is the first dual airbag travel pillow on the market. Dual airbag means that you can press the two discreet round buttons to inflate the pillow in just 10 seconds (the fastest speed), which is 3 times faster than a single airbag pillow. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of blowing your pillow up by mouth. To deflate, just press and hold the air valve to let the air out.

Contoured Shape for the Best Support
Molded to follow the contours of your neck and shoulders, the travel pillow features two back humps to properly support your neck and head during long trips. Another aspect of the product is that it can be worn inversely since the two front bump buttons ingeniously support your head too. Wear it whichever way feels best according to your preference.

Soft and Compact
The cover is made of soft and lightweight velvet, making the pillow extremely comfortable to use. It can be removed and washed for easy maintenance. The pillow is also compact in size when deflated and folded. Take it along while traveling without adding any bulk to your luggage.

Wash the cover by hand or by washing machine.
Do not wash the inner tube or expose to direct sunlight.

Additional Information

Item Weight: 322 g

Reviews (52)

Love this. It's easy to inflate using the pumps at the tips. And quicker to deflate. It's quite soft and comfortable. I love the fact that the cover is removable so that I can wash it.
This travel pillow is an awesome design. I always hate having one because they are bulky to carry around, they take up too much room in the suitcase, and when your not using it its in the way. This solves all those problems PLUS you can set it at the desired firmness. You can't do that with the run of the mill travel pillow. When your done just deflate, put it in its handy carry bag and store just about anywhere. I love this thing!
I love this pillow, it's pretty nifty. I've never seen anything like this before. The top-side of it has (what I call) half a circle on each side. Those are the pumps. You can pump it and make it as firm or soft as you would like. Personally I prefer a firm pillow with little to no give in it and this will give you just that, if you like! It is also very soft, warm an comfortable as well. It comes in a small travel bag that can be easily stored in a carry-on or even a purse. If you have someone in your life who travels a lot (or maybe you do), I think you will be very happy with the purchase of this pillow.
Such a comfortable neck pillow! I have a long trip next summer and have been stocking up on things for then. This pillow is so soft and comfortable! It has buttons in the front to pump it up! So much better than having to blow it up the old fashioned way! Not gonna lie I even lay in bed with it while I'm watching tv. It's that comfortable!
Product is easy to inflate and deflate, seems to be constructed well, and functions according to directions. Haven't used it on a long airplane flight yet, but it seems to fit comfortably when I am seated in a chair. The removable cover's fabric is not itchy, a real concern for me with many products because I have very sensitive skin.
I ordered the Jerrybox Travel pillow because I recently had neck surgery and I require extra support right now. The pillow arrived nicely packed in it's own pouch. It's the perfect size for throwing in your bag. I can take the pillow from the house to the car without any problems. The pillow is easy to inflate and deflate. The pillow is soft to the touch. I recommend this product.
This have a built-in pump on each side of it. It's easy to pump up. And very comfortable around my neck. You can pump as much or as little as you want.
It arrived just in time ! Love that it comes in a bag to put in when not it use . So easy to inflate and deflate . I'm ready for my plane trip to New York
I've been using this pillow even I'm just watching tv. So comfortable on my neck. I can't wait to use this on my long travel next month. Very easy to use manually. I highly recommend this travel pillow to anyone! It's a great quality and so soft!
I really like how easy this is to inflate and the soft texture. My daughter's going to love this whenever she flies back and forth to see her father during the Summers. Little lady take her probably three breaths to inflate the whole thing.