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Jerrybox Magnetic Screen Door Full Frame Velcro Mesh Curtain, 36-Inch-by-83-Inch

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KEEPS BUGS OUT : Features a reinforced mesh and a strong magneticsewnseam leaving no visible gaps; improves air circulation while keeping outbugs, dust, smoke, and allergens

EASY INSTALLATION : Easy and quick to install within minutes usingthe included Velcrotape and thumbtacks; no permanent damage to your door frame from drilling or nailing

AUTOMATIC CLOSURE : Magneticclosure system allows convenient hands-free entry and exit.Children and pets can also pass through the mesh easily.

DURABLE :Polyester mesh is breathable, durable and wear-resistant; this product comes with a 12-month warranty

PERFECTLYFITS 36"DOORS : Dimension is of 36" × 83"; the screen door fits perfectly with standard single doors of 36"

Product Description

The Jerrybox Premium Magnetic Screen Door is aninnovative and handy household itemto keep mosquitoes out and let fresh air in. The powerful magnet closure will automatically snap back into place each and every time you enter or exit. You’ll enjoy the freshness of the outdoors with this convenient, cost-effective, and low-maintenancesolution for your home!

Natural Pest Control

This magnetic screen door is made from high-quality polyester mesh that is gap-free and wear-resistant. It effectivelyimproves air circulation in your home while keeping out annoying bugs, dust, smoke, and allergens without theuse of harsh repellents and chemicals. Let your family move freely in and out while enjoying a cool and bug-free summer!

Magnetic Hands-Free Entry and Exit

Sewn into our magnetic screen are 14 strong magnets and 12 magnetic strips that ensure a quick, automatic, and complete seal. The hands-free closure enables you to enter and exit your home without the hassle of shutting the door behind you. The powerful magnets automatically snap the screen closedwithout any gaps. Your kids and pets will use it too; they can freely and easily enter or exit the screen doorwith no help from you!

Hassle-Free Installation

Installation takes only minutes with the included Velcro tape and 20 pcs thumbtacks. No other tools are needed andyour doorframe will be free from damage, without any necessary drilling or nailing.

1.     Open the packaging list and check for all the necessary accessories.

2.     Wipe clean the door jamb surface with a moisturized cloth and let it air dry.

3.     Lay the screen door on the floor and place the hook side of the Velcro tape onto the sewn Velcro edges of the screen.

4.     Remove the paper of the Velcro to reveal the sticky adhesive and secure it to the top horizontal entrance of the door jamb by pressing the Velcro firmly against the door. Then, remove the paper of the two sides and press the sticky adhesive onto the sides of the door frame pressing firmly starting from the top to the bottom.

5.     Thumbtacks are provided for extra fastenings. If needed, place the thumbtacks evenly around the door frame for a more secure hold.

12-Month Warranty

The Jerrybox guarantee ensures we always provide you with outstanding products. If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, contact our customer-service staff and they will be happy to help you. This product comes with a 12-month warranty!

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Additional Information

Item Weight : 1.2 pounds

Product Dimensions : 13 x 10.5 x 1.3 inches

Size : 34" * 82"


Reviews (42)

Quick easy solution to bug prevention and easy access for the dog.
Very easy to install (less than 10 min.) and it works very well.
Use the included push pins to strengthen/re-enforce the top for much secure installation.
Very satisfied with the product and great price.
Works great, no bugs and no kids slamming doors. It took my dog a bit to figure it out but love that it closes right behind him. Only issue is that we have a metal door and the screen magnets will catch on it, so we taped a piece of cardboard to the (small) area so everything closes fine. My dad was so impressed he is buying one too! Wish I had bought this earlier.
Excellent! Easy to hang, the magnets work well and my dogs even figured out how to use it.
It's serving it's purpose. I used it on the entrance door from the garage to the house perfect fit. I was going to use over my slider doors it was to short.
Came as described,haven't put it up yet but it is stronger than the one that was seen on TV,am wating till the rain stops so we can get it up.
This magnetic screen door is a fabulous product. Me and my husband have seen it on Amazon for a while and said plenty of times we were going to buy it but it would always slip our minds but when we moved to a new area, were we moved to it is full of mosquitoes and flies, we new we had to do something. So I ordered this full frame magnetic screen door and Oh my, it is everything it says it is plus more. It keeps out all insects which we are very happy with it. Being magnetic plus being a screen door we honestly didn't know what to expect when it come in. It is wonderful, it's very easy to put up and it comes with step by step instructions which it's simple to put up even if you don't look at the instructions. We are very pleased with it. I added a few pics but my phone doesn't have very good quality but it gives you an idea of what it looks like and how well it works. We are definitely going to be repeat buyers. My husband is hard to please, so I know if he likes it, it's a fabulous product. I recommend everyone getting one. Summer time is not far away and ya'll need to order them before they run out of stock. We are pleased with our decision to buy it and I know you will to. Thank you Jerrybox for making such a well designed and useful product.
This screen door is great to have when you have kids who run in and out of the door all day. They are able to open the door themselves, and the screen closes with a magnet on its own. I wish I would have found this years ago! I saw a similar screen at the store, and it was over $10 more expensive, so I figured I would look on amazon to see if there was something a little less expensive. I decided that I would try this brand since I have bought their products before, and I am not disappointed! I would recommend this screen door to anyone with children or if you are having a BBQ, graduation party, or outdoor party.
This magnetic screen door works perfect for us! it's keeping the cockroaches and other pest to come inside our room. i love how we can leave our door open now without worrying that pest might come inside. it's not the perfect size for our door but it come with thumbtacks and we just adjusted it. the magnets are not that strong but still pretty good. velcro's that are use to put on the side to stick the screen door is super strong! just secure it more with thumbtacks.