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Jerrybox Arthritis Gloves Fingerless Copper Gloves Compression Medical Support Gloves(L)

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  • RELIEVE PAINS : Relieves muscle stiffness and soreness; offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pains & discomfort; enables you to perform at your peak in any situation
  • QUALITY MATERIAL : 88% copper fiber material embedded nylon is soft and durable; breathable fabric helps maintain optimal temperature; anti-itch and UPF 50+ properties; superior comfort and smoothness without irritating
  • GREAT FOR DAILY USE: Unisex use for men and women; great for gardening, jogging, cycling, exercising, and everyday support; comfortable enough to wear day and night
  • FEATURED ADVANTAGES: Anti-bacterial, deodorant, self-cleaning, and anti-mite properties; provides maximum compression and support for knee joints; stimulates blood flow; improves your immune system; promotes a healthy and active lifestyleBUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We provide money-back and replacement guarantees and 100% customer satisfaction

What Is Copper Fiber?
The copper fiber material is an innovative high-tech processing functional fiber with anti-bacterial, deodorant, self-cleaning and anti-mite properties. This premium technique boasts a durable and comfortable material with great advantages for improving your immune system and overall health.

1. Soft, durable and anti-slip design to keep its elasticity and effectiveness.
2. High-performance combined materials to provide maximum compression and support for knee joints during and between workouts.
3. Ergonomically designed for a full range of motion with superior comfort and smoothness.
4. Minimizes injury and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, aches and pains.
5. Keeps your knees comfortable and warm, increases blood flow and aids with joint and muscle recovery.

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Reviews (80)

These gloves fit nicely on my husband. He has neuropathy and these really seem to be helping him with some of the pain he's had. They are not too tight but tight enough to give support. He has noticed a relief in some of his pain levels. I love how they don't have the fingers in them so he can wear them to do just about anything. They are well made and are very very comfortable!!!!
These are probably the most comfortable compression gloves I have ever worn! I have really bad arthritis in my hands and carpel tunnel and these make a world of difference. When my hands start swelling or getting sore I can put these on and they start feeling better almost immediately. I can sleep with them on and I don't feel restricted....which is really weird because I absolutely hate gloves! But these are awesome!!!
Bought 2 pair, 1 pair was wonderful! Worked beautiful for patient I bought it for. The other pair, seam was unsewed, but apparently to late to send back. But the gloves are of good quality material.
 This is my second day to wear the Jerrybox glove. I have arthritis in my hand and my middle finger will not bend all the way down so I cannot make a fist. After wearing the glove for a while it does seem that I can bend my hand and my middle finger will go down further so I am going to continue wearing the gloves and hope that they continue to give me relief i need. I've also posted a picture of a verse that is written inside the left-hand glove I don't know why it's there it's very unusual but I thought it was very interesting.
perfect fit
Really love the gloves. A little tight but it helps my hands. Thank You.
Relieves pain!!
I started wearing these last week and can already see a difference in my hands. I have tendinosis in both hands and it is really painful at times. Usually I wake up in the morning with sqollen hands which will snap and crackle while I stretch them out. Since wearing these gloves to bed I when wake up the pain has dropped down a lot, with this problem and the swelling in my thumb has diminished. The fingers are short enough that I can wear them while playing with my kids and doing my wood working I like to do. Also they have helped with keeping my fingers limber for playing. I wear these everyday so I'm going to have to get a few more pair, one for work, one for play and one for just sitting around because just having one pair will be a pain in the button lol. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone who suffers from hand pain to give it a try and for the price, I think you will be just as pleased as me. I hope this review was helpful in any way.
These feel great on hands, I do a lot of typing and have arthritis at times my hands cramp up and typing becomes nearly impossible these do feel good and allow me to type without my hands feeling "stiff" I also noticed while wearing them, the cramping has reduced. I will continue to use these and if anything changes I will come back and add. But as of right now things look good :)
Large so it fits me quite well with room to spare which is great for me because I live in a hot part of the country and my swollen fingers are still perfectly held by this glove.
Also, it covers most of the length of my fingers, I am 5'4.