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Jerrybox 5-Inch Double-Sided Tabletop Mirror, Romantic Floral Hydrangea Series, 1X and 3X Magnification

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ELEGANT DESIGN:Delicately handcrafted hydrangea floral base; hydrangea meaning: honesty, prosperity, and gratitude

Adjustable Multi-angle mirror:360-degree rotating mirror with adjustable viewing for a truly customizable experience; maximum viewing angles improve your daily makeup routine; recommended for anyone who enjoys an elegant touch

Double-sided design: 1Xand 3X magnification ensure a clear and genuine reflection for precise makeup application; optimal viewing distance within 15 cm (approx. 6 inches) of the mirror

Luxury quality:Anti-skid EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer) padded be seen sures stability and durability; gorgeous ceramic-like floral motif adds a touch of high-end décor to your home

Shiny frame:5-inch mirror surface inlaid a shiny, rustproof, and durable electroplated frame

The Jerrybox 5-inch double-sided hydrangea mirror brings elegance and functionality to your home! The symbolism of the hydrangea flower means qualities of honesty, prosperity, and gratitude. With every look at your reflection, you will embody those virtues on a daily basis!

This tabletop mirror adds a touch of luxury to your décor with its anti-skid EVA base and premium-electroplated frame. The 1X and 3X magnification give a clear and genuine reflection and enhance your daily make-up routine. The handcrafted floral motifs make this a beautiful and unique gift.


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Reviews (70)

Although I really like this mirror, just like the Tooth Fairy and Bigfoot, there really is no such thing as a fog free mirror.
However, I've held this belief for some time now so the product didn't disappoint.
If you are looking for a mirror that securely mounts in your shower, is easy to remove and provides a very clear, non-distorted reflection, then your search should end here.
As far as keeping fog from forming on the surface, simply run some hot water over it and you're good to go.
I've been using this for about 3 months with complete satisfaction.
I guess I have to deduct a star cause it's advertised as fogless... likely made in Xanadu.
JerryBoxLED Mirror is kind of a routine for me now. having previously tried their square makeup mirror with strong LED light and anti-fog material for glass. I was hoping they come out with the round version of the same mirror! and to my happiness, they did! and this time they did a better job than before by adding few more new features to it. the mirror comes in a very cute cool color box and with nicely packaged in bubble wrap.

The Good:
~the material and the overall quality seems way better than the other mirrors we have used. the unpacking and installing of the mirror were really a piece of cake.
~the 7X zoom is the best selling point we found on this one as there are very fewer mirrors in the market which offer that in this price range.
~while using it we found that it's really resistant to the water mist and fog after a shower and the best part is the comfort level to eyes with the strong LED lights.
~ other mirrors gave really stretch to the eyes with the light level but this one was different in so many ways.the suction quality is also good so we can fix literally anywhere.
~ With a light tap, instantly adjust brightness of warm LED lighted mirror; dimmable natural light provides extra light during your cosmetic routine to achieve a professional finish, all while in the comfort of your own home

The Bad:
there are pretty fewer bad things compared to the goods but just to mention
~ we really missed the rechargeable power slot in this one which exists in a lot of mirrors these days.
~ using AAA batteries are not the way to go every time changing it and wasting it for longer use can be a tedious job

Verdict: the mirror comes with a small size 7x and regular compact mirror which gives the same result with a mobility of putting it inside your bag and using it on the way to work or any place.Overall the mirror quality is really good compared to other ones out there. worth the bucks it asks for.
My bathroom mirror is huge, but it sits back behind a counter and my lighting stinks. Buying this has made not only doing my makeup easier, but tweezing my eyebrows too. This is exactly what I have been looking for. It has a 7x magnification which is perfect to see everything up close. Also comes with this handy little pocket mirror that has a 5x mag on it. Nice and small, perfect for my purse.
This Magnification mirror it has been ideal for application on my creative makeup, shape and filled my eyebrows, and taking care all my face. The magnification is astonishing it helps me see everything detail on my face even the irritating tiny hair. It comes with adjustable illumination. The suction cup helps keep the mirror in the right place. It can rotate 360 degrees and moves placidly and holds the position without any failing. It comes with a small practical pocket mirror to carry on.
This mirror is amazing! It is very clear and lighting around it is reminiscent of a designer mirror that is much more expensive. I would recommend this to all my friends and women that are into makeup!
A little difficult to get to adhere to theshower wall but once you get it to stick it will stay up, you just need to try a few different spots. Otherwise, excellent shaving mirror for the shower. Truly fogless! The first time I used it I waiting until I was nearly done with my shower to shave and the mirror was clear as a bell! Would definitely suggest this to others.
It's nice because my husband is a foot taller than me. lol. It still fogs over just like they all do.
It is very bright and magnified however it states it is dimmable, my does not dim.
Still a good product but the dim feature was one of 3 reasons I purchased it.
The bonus mirror has 2 magnifications, does not have a light, still a nice gift.