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Jerrybox Makeup Organizer 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Multi-Function Cosmetic Storage Box, Large Capacity, 7 Layers, Fits Toner, Creams, Makeup Brushes, Lipsticks and More (Black)

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360° ROTATION ORGANIZER: Perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics; enables easy access to all of your makeup and products

EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: Accommodates at least 30 makeup brushes, 20 bottles of skin care products and other makeup accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner and more

7 LAYERS OF ADJUSTABLE TRAYS: Allow you to adjust tray height according to the height of your products; fit all different types of products and accessories

GREAT CARRYING CAPACITY: Steady base ensures that cosmetics stay in place when the organizer is rotated; thick, durable trays are strong enough to bear even heavy products

EASY TO INSTALL & WASHABLE: Quickly assemble and disassemble the organizer following the guide; convenient to clean with a dismountable design and washable material

Multi-dimensional High Capacity Cosmetic Organizer
The Jerrybox 360° Rotation Makeup Organizer is a great design for women. It perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics, including lipsticks, lip gels, nail polish, makeup brushes, cheek color, eyebrow pencils, foundation sticks, beauty gadgets, necklaces, rings and more.

With its steady 360° rotating base, you can instantly access your cosmetics and get whatever you need by only rotating the organizer. It’s convenient to assemble the organizer by simply inserting the 4 trays into partition slots, according to the height of your cosmetics and accessories.

This unique product accommodates all of your cosmetics and accessories in a single organizer that takes up very little space. The organizer saves you counter space, ensuring you won’t be troubled by messy cosmetics scattered on your vanity table anymore!


Material: ABS
Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 20 cm × 28 cm / 7.9 inches × 11 inches

Easy Installation Guide

1.Insert one of the 2 partitions into the base plate
2.Insert the other partition into the base plate
3.Immobilize the 4 bottom joints with rubber rings
4.Insert the 4 trays into partition slots according to your preference
5.Insert the roof into the partitions
6.Immobilize upper joints with rubber rings

Additional Information

Package Dimension: 11 x 8 x 1.9 inches

Item Weight:1.8 pounds



Reviews (105)

This is Petty good! Looks clean and organized!
But a little short than what I expected! If little bit higher. And top part also pan little bit taller,I think when I'm turning around won't fall down something! It you are the person who have lot of stuff at bathroom counter. You should be organized will... easy to ex
Maybe because I have too much large bottles!
However definitely will be Recommend you guys!
Friends love share with out share love
I love this organizer. I wish I hadn't waited so long to put it together. It gave me my bathroom counter top back! It is so easy to adjust the shelves. It spins smoothly and looks great. It is everything I hoped for!
For the price, this is terrific. It creates so much space under my bathroom sink it's crazy. However, a few things to note:
I could not make my makeup brushes look like in the photo no matter how hard I tried
The little shelves are adjustable so you can make them suit your stuff-BUT they have to be staggered to fit in the slots because they share a divider.
It's stable and rotates well enough
I'm challenged on projects and I fit this together in 5 minutes. The hardest part are the tiny rubberbands that secure the shelves.
After writing this review I realize I should probably get another one..
 I've read the low-rated reviews and most of them mentioned that it is hard to put together. It only took me a few minutes to assemble mine. You can find a guide at the back of the box, no tools or glue needed, everything you need came with the package. I got the square with petal in white. I love the design and structure. The finish is between glossy and matte, which makes it easy to clean.

I own one in acrylic and I can say that I love this better! It is much sturdier and the height is perfect for small spaces. The dividers are adjustable and you can position it in whichever way you want. The top part is mostly for brushes and lipsticks. I am using mine mostly for my makeup and it's holding up pretty well. You should get one if you want a clutter-free vanity table or counter! I am thinking of getting one and use it as a spice rack. I think it would work great in the kitchen as well since the height is perfect for my cabinet size!

Also, it is very easy to disassemble when you have to store it. I kept the original box, it is small and it doesn't take a lot of space.
5 stars! I ordered multiple things so it came in a bigger amazon box. When I took it out, I thought it looked open but from what I see, all the parts are there and everything is clean so I have no complaint. I didn't put it together with the rubber holders. I just put some pieces together to see how big it is. It's a pretty decent size, I was scared it'd be too big. The box shows black and I was concerned because I wanted white. Have no fear, the actual organizer is white. Helps that the instructions are right on the box too.
This product is just as described. I ordered the circle shape in black and am happy with my purchase. I can fit a ton of items on it, and I love that the shelves can be placed and adjusted as you choose. I love that there is a place for everything, and it is great for small spaces/surfaces while still being able to access everything. I'm no big makeup connoisseur, but it fits all of my lip products, concealers, highlighters, mascaras, eyeliner, beauty tools and brushes, sprays, makeup removers, eyeshadows, powders, and brow products with room left for a few lotions, hair products and other items.
Love love love this makeup organizer!! I lost so much space on my vanity because of the previous makeup organizer I had and this one is perfect. Keeps everything tucked away and neat looking. I love that you can adjust the shelves to whatever height you want making it easier to fit just about anything on here. Great product and super easy to put together too.
Really love this for my bathroom, what a difference it makes. It holds all my hairspray and brushes/combs, my makeup, toothpaste and floss, various moisturizers, eye drops and other medications, and I keep finding that it holds more than I realize. Truly easy to assemble, rotates smoothly, looks good. I'd really recommend this if you need to organize and save space in your bathroom. Great product.
This is a perfect beauty organizer with a lot of space and room. Most of my daily products are on here and there's still room left! Set up was not too bad and I'm impressed with how easily it spins around and the stability. I love the black color design! A+++
I purchased this for my daughter's vanity. It definitely is adorable and holds a lot of products. I got the square white one. It was super easy to put together and each shelf is fully adjustable. It sits on a little turntable, so you can easily access any item at a flick of your wrist. She absolutely loves it and it easily matches any decor. It seems fairly sturdy and each shelf has a small lip at the bottom so that items don't fall off. All in all, very pleased with purchase.