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Jerrybox 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Multi-Function Cosmetic Storage Box, Large (Black)

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360° Rotation organizer : Perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics; enables easy access to all of your makeup and products

ExtraLarge Capacity : Accommodate sat least 30 makeup brushes, 20 bottles of skin care products and other makeup accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner and more

7 Layers of Adjustable Trays : Allow you to adjust tray height according to the height of your products; fit all different types of products and accessories

Great Carrying Capacity : Steady base ensures that cosmetics stay in place when the organizer is rotated; thick, durable trays are strong enough to bear even heavy products

Easy to Install&Washable: Quickly assemble and disassemble the organizer following the guide; convenient to clean with a dismountable design and washable material

Product Description

Multi-dimensional High Capacity Cosmetic Organizer

The Jerrybox 360° Rotation Makeup Organizer is a great design for women. It perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics, including lipsticks, lip gels, nail polish, makeup brushes, cheek color, eyebrow pencils, foundation sticks, beauty gadgets, necklaces, rings and more.

With its steady 360° rotating base, you can instantly access your cosmetics and get whatever you need by only rotating the organizer. It’s convenient to assemble the organizer by simply inserting the 4 trays into partition slots, according to the height of your cosmetics and accessories.

This unique product accommodates all of your cosmetics and accessories in a single organizer that takes up very little space. The organizer saves you counter space, ensuring you won’t be troubled by messy cosmetics scattered on your vanity table anymore!


Material: ABS

Color: Black

Product Dimensions:30cm× 23 cm / 11.8 inches ×9 inches

Easy Installation Guide

1. Insert one of the 2 partitions into the base plate

2. Insert the other partition into the base plate

3. Immobilize the 4 bottom joints with rubber rings

4. Insert the 4 trays into partition slots according to your preference

5. Insert the roof into the partitions

6. Immobilize upper joints with rubber rings

Additional Information

Product Dimensions : 11.8 x 9.5 x 2 inches

Item Weight : 2.1 pounds

UPC: 732130658188

Reviews (96)

This has solved my makeup problems. I have this next to a black acrylic makeup tower and between the two I have all my makeup at my fingertips with room to spare!! I assembled this in about 3-5min. The turntable is very smooth and holds an incredible amount of products! This is the best storage purchase I've made in years. Very happy!
This is amazing. I have very little counter space in my bathroom. I am also someone that if I don't see a product, I tend to forget I have it and never use it. I need to have my makeup and skin care out in the open. This organizer is a game changer. I love the customizable height on the shelves. I bought the clear and it is just perfect. Holds so much and spins really easily. I love love love it!
I thought I had too much makeup, 20 something lipsticks, 5 bottles of foundation, 4 powder foundations, 7 primers, 3 blushes, two eyeshadow palettes the list goes on and on. This fit them all with room to spare! I can buy more! I did two two tiny complaints. i would have liked to see a vertical spot something that i could slide my eyeshadow trays in so they aren't always falling over when i turn it and two the top have more holders like what the brushes are in so i could see my lipstick colors upright instead of laying down. other then that this thing is 100% percent worth the money and spins smoothly great deal!
 Great organizing rotational shelf/storage. Was easy to build. Keeps everything in one place. Stuff is easy to find by rotating until found desired item. It looks good on top of vanity in bathroom. I admit its a bit smaller than I anticipated, but still does great job.
My only issues with this is the rotation is not as smooth and gets stuck at times or stops when not needed.
Love this make up organizer before o just had my make up and things on the dresser and was always taking up time looking for a specific item. Not anymore now my makeup and lotion are all organized.

It also spins so you can find what you want in no time at all. It's easy to put together it took no time. It sits high but that's not a.problem for me, because finally I'm organized and my dresser is clutter free.

I would recommend this to every female it's great to have and I love it
I love this organizer!

-8 sturdy plastic pieces come together in seconds!
-Adjustable shelving with raised lip
-Disc rotates easily, even when shelving is full.
-Makeup brush compartment
-Space saving; circular organizer measures 11.5"x9"

Included are rubber rings to keep the pieces from coming out of place- they are easy to put on & off to adjust the shelving. I love that there is a spot to hold makeup brushes; mine currently is holding hair shears (in their protective cases at that) & awkwardly long, double ended lipglosses & mascaras. Perfect organizer for me, as my bathroom has no counter space. Now instead of having to root through all my daily use hygiene & beauty products in a jumbled drawer beneath the sink, I can easily find what I need when I need it. I am truly surprised by the amount of items the Jerrybox organizer holds!
I would recommend this to everyone, male or female, for organizing their products. I can think of a million other places to use one- such as in my kitchen, as well as for craft and office supplies. I will definitely be purchasing more!
 I love makeup and boy do I have a bunch of it so keeping it organized is a must. I came across this makeup organizer by Jerrybox and based off the description and reviews item was ordered. Item arrived as scheduled and item was not damaged during delivery. Upon taking the product out of the packaging you can notice the quality plastic material that is used within the caddy. Assembling the makeup organizer is fairly easy with the instructions that are provide on the back of the packaging. I had mine up and ready to use with a minute. What I love about this organizer is that it offers a 360-degree rotation that allows easy access to makeup that is needed. This organizer also allows you to choose where to place the shelves so that you can custom to the size of bottle that you will be storing on it. This caddy organizer has so much room to store lots of makeup and accessories. Overall I am in love with this organizer it allows to store so much but without taking so much space on my vanity. Great present to give that special lady in your life.
If you would have seen my space before I got this... I was so super excited when this arrived in the mail that I immediately put it together. Speaking of assembling this product it's rather simple.
Product is as it appears and does what it shows it does so it is perfect for organizing many little cosmetic items for a bathroom with little counter space. Glad I got the style with raised scroll lip because spinning it around does cause movement that might have caused an item to spin off. Four star rating because material is light brittle plastic. Great for the price - just wish it was more durable.
I love this! It's so handy sturdy and holds so much product! I love having all my face products together for easy use and being able to find everything is perfect! I love that it swivels and you can adjust the shelf for the size bottles you need to store!