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Jerrybox Butterfly Health Seat Cushion Ergonomic Contoured Butterfly-Shaped Buttock Design Slow Rebounding Memory Foam

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  • CONTOURED BUTTERFLY SHAPE: Perfectly conforms to the exact shape of your buttocks; effectively distributes your weight on the coccyx, tailbone, and hipbones
  • ROUND BOTTOM CUTOUTS: Relieves pressure on the coccyx; reduces squeeze between the cushion and coccyx; promotes smooth blood circulation for better health
  • NATURAL GROOVE CURVE: Keeps the cushion breathable and well ventilated, eliminating the spreading of germs
  • VERSATILE: Eliminates pains and discomfort on waist due to long hours of sitting; provides relief for hemorrhoids, prostatitis, perineal and pelvic floor disorders; helps deliver recovery for new mothers and patients
  • ULTIMATE USER EXPERIENCE: Made of slow rebounding memory foam that is ultra comfortable; detachable velvet cover for easy cleaning; durable handle and anti-slip bottom

In modern busy days, most of us find ourselves sitting in front of the computer for long hours on end. The fact of the matter is, sitting in the same position may cause pains and discomfort on the spine, lower back, coccyx, hipbones, etc. Jerrybox Butterfly Health Seat Cushion is ergonomically contoured to help relievea wide array of pains associated with sitting for long hours.

Ergonomic Design
This cushion is specially designed to fit the shape of your buttocks. With round bottom cutouts, this cushion can alleviate pressure on the lower back, realign your spine, and evenly distribute your weight on the coccyx, tailbone and hipbones. Thus, it is great for prompting proper posture and overall health in the long run. You can use this seat cushion on car seats, office chairs, kitchen chairs, dining chairs and more.

Premium Materials
This cushion uses high quality slow rebounding memory foam to ensure that you’ll receive optimal support and comfort even after prolonged use. Made of premium velvet, the cover is extremely soft and skin-friendly. Moreover, cleaning the detachable zippered cover is as easy as throwing it into a washing machine.

Breathable and Ventilated
To keep the cushion breathable and well ventilated, this item is well cut with a natural groove curve, greatly preventing the spreading of germs. Besides, it also helps reduce the squeeze between the cushion and coccyx.

Size: 455 mm × 380mm × 60 / 70 mm
Padding material: 100% polyether polyurethane
Fabric density: 50D
Weight: 710 g

1 × Butterfly Seat Cushion
1 × Color Card

Additional Information

Product Dimensions : 12.3 x 8.1 x 5.8 inches

Item Weight : 1.5 pounds

Reviews (36)

I love this!!! It is soft yet firm. It looks ljke itll be too bulky but once you sit down it forms to you quickly and is super comfortable!!! I sit for 12 hrs and this has helped with my back pain!!! It is light weight and easy to take with you. It is very well made!!!
Love this so so much! I need 5 for every seat I use!. No joke it makes the way you sit feel more comfortable. I got this for my husband's car who's seats are terrible and now I will be buying several more!! Great material very well made super soft love it
Very soft outside and firm yet comfortable to sit on. I used for my son who complains about the hard kitchens chairs. He is a fan!
After having back surgery my doctor suggested purchasing one of these pillows to use while in the car or on hard seats. This one is very comfortable. Easy to carry around with me and provides just enough extra cushioning to making sitting on a hard surface tolerable. Wipes clean if anything gets spilled on it as well.
I have a big problem with sitting for a long time and that is the biggest part of my job. This cushion is super soft feels great even with shorts on does not feel hot or sweaty after hours of sitting. Has a cute little handle on the side to carry it around. And it does feel like it helps with my posture. I would recommend this for pregnant women, office workers, and elderly.
I had back surgery in April and riding in the car has been torture. This cushion has been a tremendous help. It is so much easier on my back- it has a dip under where your tail bone would come into contact. This takes SO much pressure off of your spine. There are non-skid dots on the bottom that help keep it in place, even on leather seats. It has been a total game changer- I can take longer car rides without agony.
I really like how comfortable this seat cushion is. As you said and you slowly lower until all the pressure is lifted from your back. This is helped a lot with taking the pressure off my back and my knees.
Use this for those uncofortable church pews and you'll actually be able pay attention to the sermon for once. I have back problems and this helps tremendously. Has a little handle to carry easy too.
Oh my goodness gracious talk about a butt saver! My kids always have sports games (seems like during the seasons we have a game or practice every day!) when I sit on the bleachers my bum begins aching and before you know it, the pain is running up my back. I had to do something!i researched some different products online and read some reviews and I decided to try the jerry box. It is so comfortable! It is easy to carry and well padded. My kids and boyfriend like to sit on it too. I am planning to order another one for my 92 year old grandma.
Super comfortable. Eliminated pain / pressure on tail bone.