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Jerrybox Collapsible Coffee Cup with Lid, Coffee Mug to go, Portable Coffee Cup , BPA Free Silicone, Reusable Travel Cup Compact Tea Cup, 12 oz, Blue, Environmentally Friendly(blue)

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CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: The newest collapsible coffee cup is perfectly portable for travel and everyday use; holds 12 oz of cold or hot liquid

PERFECT GIFT: Exquisite and elegant packaging makes this a superb gift for the coffee lover in your life; share a cup with your family, friends, classmates, or colleagues

SAFE & LEAK-PROOF: Food-grade silicone and BPA-free material mean safe and healthy use for the whole family; uniquely designed airtight silicone seal effectively prevents leaks

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: A fluted slide lid opens and closes easily; helps to minimize and protect you from hot coffee spills

STYLISH: Trendy and comfortable design you can enjoy with each sip of coffee on-the-go

Perfect Gift

A perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life! The elegant packaging and all-around uses make this a great gift selection for any occasion.

Convenient Use

This coffee cup features a folding body and a coordinating lid that boast a compact and portable design. It can be easily folded when empty to fit in handbags, backpacks and even your pocket. The airtight silicone seal won't leak or spill. This innovative cup will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every day, while traveling, at lunches, picnics, sporting events and more.

The Best Capacity

Enjoy a full-sized 12 oz coffee anywhere you go. Perfect for the frequent traveler or outdoor events and activities.

Eco-Friendly and Durable

This coffee cup is made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free material. It’s safe to use, recyclable, and eco-friendly! Each time you reuse this product, you are reducing the waste of countless disposable cups. It’s super durable and impact-resistant and can withstand even the toughest user.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions : 4 x 3.5 x 3 inches

Item Weight : 5.6 ounces

Reviews (98)

 Stylish, unique, compact, and dare I say...Romantic?
Take a look at all it can do.
I travel internationally and am usually on the run through an airport with my early morning coffee spilling everywhere! I decided it was time to bring my own secure travel mug rather than continuing to have coffee spilling out of the paper cups they give us at the airport shops. The Jerrybox Travel Coffee Mug is easy to open full size, has a very secure lid and is actually quite pretty! Folded, I would like it to be a little smaller; however, it fits perfectly into the side pocket of my carryon, so I'm happy!
I took it to Europe, because they serve coffee in such small cups and it was perfect !
Would highly recommend the product.
Perfect sports bottle, my daughter uses it for all her softball games and practices. Once the liquid is gone it compacts all the way down to the lid.
My dughter is happy with this drinking cup. She loves how you can push it open to different sizes depending upon your needs are that day. Its very easy to adjust into the different sizes. She will be using it for college. This product is highly recommend.
Really like this water bottle it's so versatile I love it because it's so lightweight and the flexibility of it able to change the size of the bottle. Cleaning of the bottle is a breeze and the color of it is so beautiful .
I am very happy with this drinking cup. I really love how you can push it open to different sizes depending upon your needs. When I use it for water or coffee to go, I usually use the larger setting anyway. But it's also nice it you just wanted a small drink, it will accommodate that. Very easily adjustable into the different sizes and stores great when pushed into the smaller size. Highly recommend.
Use it for my hot coffee. won't leak.
I love this travel waterbottle. It is collapsible and convenient. It can fit in my purse after I am done using it. It is light weight and easy to clean out because you can take it apart. I am glad I found this.
My colleagues see me with this cool cup and at 1st don't know what it is until we are at the water station and I lengthen it.