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Jerrybox Travel Pillow Dual Airbags Fastest 10 Seconds Inflating Neck Pillow Height-adjustable Breathable U-Shape Pillow Support Head, Neck and Chin (Velvet Grey)

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With an ergonomically designed shape and soft velvet material, this travel pillow provides proper support to your neck and promotes the health of your cervical vertebrae. Take your napping experience to the next level with the Jerrybox travel pillow!

The First Dual Airbag Travel Pillow
We are proud to announce that our travel pillow is the first dual airbag travel pillow on the market. Dual airbag means that you can press the two discreet round buttons to inflate the pillow in just 15 seconds (the fastest speed), which is 3 times faster than a single airbag pillow. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of blowing your pillow up by mouth. To deflate, just press and hold the air valve to let the air out.

Contoured Shape for the Best Support
Molded to follow the contours of your neck and shoulders, the travel pillow features two back humps to properly support your neck and head during long trips. Another aspect of the product is that it can be worn inversely since the two front bump buttons ingeniously support your head too. Wear it whichever way feels best according to your preference.

Soft and Compact
The cover is made of soft and lightweight velvet, making the pillow extremely comfortable to use. It can be removed and washed for easy maintenance. The pillow is also compact in size when deflated and folded. Take it along while traveling without adding any bulk to your luggage.

Wash the cover by hand or by washing machine.
Do not wash the inner tube or expose to direct sunlight.

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Product Dimensions 7.8 x 6.1 x 2.1 inches
Item Weight 11.2 ounces
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Reviews (99)

I like this inflatable pillow it comes with a string bag. The fabric is velvety type very soft on my skin. After using it just deflate the pillow and put in the pouch very handy.
I've tried many travel pillows for long-haul flights. Nothing ever worked. The other pillows would slip out from under my head, or would not provide enough support in the first instance. And most would lose their padding over time so you would have to buy a new pillow every year or so.

Then I bought the jerrybox. You can inflate it until it is as soft or firm as you would like, and it just stayed in place the entire time I slept. Will never travel without it again.
This is a very good product....my kids liked it on the trip they just went on. Very comfy & fits in small places. Once you get it out you won't want to put it away. I would recommend it to anyone!
I got this jerrybix travel pillow for my mom since she travels overseas at least once a year to take care of my grandmother. The straight plane ride is brutal. It is 16 hours of sitting and trying to sleep. This pillow is very convenient and easy to use. Just pumping the bubbles on the side inflates the pillow and to deflate is simple by opening the valves and press. Folds nicely and fits into a pouch that came with it.
 This Dual-airbags inflatable pillow is essentials for your awesome trip or office nap. Dual-chambers allow cushioning for your head and neck. Crafted with two little knobs catch your head and prevents you from crooking. Just opening the black air valve and press it quickly to release the air out in back in to inflate neck pillow comfort is adjustable to your personal preference.
An excellent inflating air pillow fo me, I traveled a lot.
This travel neck pillow far exceeded my expectations! First of all, it sounds juvenile but it was so fun to inflate! It pumps up super quick and it has an oddly satisfying sound as you compress the 2 pumps haha
That being said, I really love how durable this feels, the material is so soft and smooth against your skin. It's extremely comfortable and fully supoorts your neck so you can relax and get some shut eye on long trips. It comes with a pouch for easy storage. This thing is pretty freakin awesome and I'm so glad I got it!

A very comfortable travel pillow easy to blow just seconds . The package arrived on time its was great .
Worked as advertised on an international trip. Made well, comfort for overnight sleeping 4 out of 5 in my opinion.
This is the best travel pillow around. It's great that it deflates because you can pack it in your suitcase and it won't take up space.
This is the best travel pillow. It's so compact when deflated and then you can choose how much to inflate it. It's ultra soft and super easy to adjust the inflation on the fly. I love that it rolls up into a small little carry bag too. I couldn't be happier. So comfy.It's very convenient for anyone who is a frequent flyer.