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Jerrybox WA-01 Wine Aerator Pourer

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FULL AND SMOOTH FLAVOR : Instantly aerates wine with the optimal amount of oxygen; unleashes the intended taste and aroma of the wine; enjoy every sip of your full body flavored wine

LUXURY DESIGN : Premium material and high-end design make this product a luxury; allows you to step into the spotlight with this elegant wine aerator; greatly enhances your date, party, dinner, banquet, and more

CONVENIENT : Features great portability with compact body; easy to use and clean; aerates your wine as you pour; reduces your waiting time for a glass of wine, sure to please your palate

DURABLE MATERIALS : Made from FDA approved materials; safe and odorless; soft rubber stopper creates a leak-free seal; not a single drop of your favorite wine will be spilled

PERFECT GIFT : Exquisite packaging makes it an impressive gift for families, friends, and colleagues; makes an ideal for red wine enthusiasts

Effective and Smooth

Designed with the fluid dynamic Bernoulli principle, Jerrybox WA-01 Wine Aerator Pourer effectively aerates the wine as you’re pouring. The air holes help to draw in oxygen to ensure good aeration. Compared to traditional wine aeration that takes at least 20 minutes, this aerates your wine in seconds. A glass of smooth and aromatic wine is easily achieved.

Easy to Use and Clean

This wine aerator is simple and easy to use. Insert the wine aerator pourer into the wine bottle with the pouring-spout facing up and it is ready to work. The unique design allows it to fit tightly in the neck of the bottle without the risk of leaking. Not a single drop of your favorite wine will be spilled and your tablecloth will be safe from wine stains. Just pour and enjoy! The detachable design makes cleanup a breeze.

Perfect Gift Idea

This wine aerator pourer is sure to be a great gift that will impress your family, friends, and colleagues. With its luxurious packaging, and excellent and effective performance, it’s guaranteed to win the hearts of wine enthusiasts.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions : 7.5 x 2.6 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight: 1.6 ounces

Reviews (8)

Love this item, my friends and I did a taste with and without the aerator, what a difference it made
It's much faster than decanting, and you don't have to clean the decanter later! Plus, it's almost silly straw levels of fun (is makes a happy little gurgle.). Easy to clean, I have just rinsed it with warm water and nothing gets left behind.
Money well spent! This is a great product. You can taste the difference if you don't use it. We are really happy to have this and would buy it as a gift for others too.
This product is easy to use and easy cleanup. It appears to fit any size wine bottle and aerates the wine very well.?
The Jerrybox Wine Aerator is wonderful! It really makes a huge difference in taste when you drink the wine with the aerator than without it. This aerator makes your red wine taste nice and smooth. I highly recommend this aerator to anybody you enjoys like I do a nice glass of red wine!
Not a huge consumer of wine but recently bought 4 bottles recommended me at Cost Plus. Just used this tonight for the first time. Wow what an immediate and delightful result! Bold flavor, great construction, easy to clean. Recommend as a gift for the wine lovers in your life. This is a tool not a toy.
It does a great job at a very very reasonable price.
Works great!