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Jerrybox WA-02Wine Aerator Pourer

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FULL FLAVOR AND SMOOTH : Instantly aerates wine with the optimal amount of oxygenin the time it takes to pour a glass; enhancesthe release of the wine’s aromatic scent for an elegant, smooth flavor; allows you to enjoy every sip of your full body flavored wine

LUXURY DESIGN : Advanced and artistic design compliments your personality and taste; applies Bernoulli Effect to aerate your wine effectively and quickly; reduces your waiting time to enjoy yourfavorite glass of wine; greatly enhances your date, party, dinner, banquet, and more

CONVENIENT: Detachable design allows for easy cleaning; included non-drip stand adds convenience to use and store

DURABLE MATERIALS : Made from FDA approved materials that are safe, odorless, and built to last; added bonus gift includes a red wine bottle thermometer for your convenience; you’ll serve the perfect glass of wine every time

PERFECT GIFT : Luxuriouspackaging makes it an impressive gift for families, friends, and colleagues; makes an ideal gift for red wine enthusiasts

Bonus Gift Included

Included in this package is a bonus wine bottle thermometer which pairs perfectly with this aerator for a fuller wine experience. You’ll discover the best temperature for drinking wine and the wine bottle thermometer perfectly serves every glass.

Effective and Smooth

The Jerrybox Wine Aerator aerates in 3 steps: the first umbrella stage splashes the wine onto the side of the funnel, starting to add air to the wine. Then the wine drains through the 32 small holes to add more air. Finally, it funnels the wine back together. The whole process allows more air to touch the surface of the wine and aerates your wine in seconds as you pour. A smooth and aromatic wine is easily achieved.

Easy to Use and Clean

This wine aerator is simple and easy to use. Hold aerator over glass and pour wine for instant aeration. Your wine will unleash a strong aroma after being aerated. The included non-drip stand adds convenience to use and store. It ensures your tablecloth will be safe from wine stains. The wine aerator can be cleaned easily by rinsing it under water and letting it air dry.

Perfect Gift

This wine aerator is sure to be a great gift that will impress your families, friends, and colleagues. With its luxurious packaging, and excellent and effective performance, it’s guaranteed to win the hearts of wine enthusiasts.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 3.2 x 3 inches

Item Weight: 12.8 ounces

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